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BlondieBoris PolicebandDNA
Dancing In Heaven(1982)Diego CortezDowntown 81
Get Ready 7"(1979)Glenn BrancaHallucination City
InterferenceJames ChanceJames Chance and the Contortions
Kill Your IdolsLizzy Mercier DesclouxLydia Lunch
MARSNo New YorkNo Wave
No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980.(book by Thurston Moore, Byron Coley)No Wave (book by Marc Masters)No Wave Wiki
Noise FestNão WaveRhys Chatham
Richard KernRulesSecret Spy/My Room(1982)
Sonic YouthStereo/Mono 7"(1979)Suicide
Teenage Jesus and The JerksTeenage Jesus and the JerksThe Electric Symphony
The Joke/Chase The Dragon(1980)Theoretical GirlsTv Party
Walter StedingWalter Steding(1980)Ze Records
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File:Bobby 17.jpgFile:Bobby 48.jpgFile:Bobby 9.jpg
File:Bobbyg33.jpgFile:Borroughs-warhol.jpgFile:DNA - Blonde Red Head (from Downtown 81)
File:Downtown 81 trailerFile:DragonPeople1.jpgFile:Example.jpg
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