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The Album CoverEdit

“I wanted pictures of everyone, from all the bands, on there. And of course ‘Oh god a photo session with all of those people, what a nightmare.’ Then I suddenly had this idea. In Europe we had all this stuff with Baader-Meinhof and the Red Brigade. eevry time you would go to a railway station or an airport you’d see these posters that had several identical-sized black and white photos of people who were terrorists or who the police were looking for. What was very interesting about those photos was that they were very different in quality from each other. Some were obviously cut from newspapers, they had different textures to them. And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea.’ So I just said to everybody, ‘Just give me any photograph of yourself that you have.’ And that’s what it was. Each person gave to me a photograph of themselves that they liked and I had them reduced all to the same size. And then for the front cover I went with photographer Marcia Resnick and all her gear and a few of the musicians to the World Trade Center and whilst in there took a picture with her camera. It was very poor lighting and I did everything wrong with the camera, but I was sort of intrigued with the image that came out. How ephemeral it looked. I don’t remember if the figures were someone in the group or not.”-Brian Eno