Welcome to the No Wave Wiki Rules Page

The goal of the No Wave Wiki is to compile the largest and most comprehensive archive of all things No Wave on the web. This means that pages should be original, and contributors should refrain from copying and pasting information from wikipedia, discogs et al sources. Quoting material is acceptable only when the author has cited his source for the quotation. Using copyrighted media without proper citation is under no circumstances acceptable.

We also ask that authors refrain from editing information already on the No Wave Wiki unless said edit is being made to improve grammar.

Most important, the No Wave Wiki is an archiving project of a particular time and place in music history. This project encompasses a short-lived art movement that took place in New York City during the late seventies and early eighties. This means that newer bands that may expound upon the "No Wave aesthetic" do not belong on the No Wave Wiki.

Thank you for following the rules and contributing to the No Wave Wiki!